What is's Affiliate Program?’s Affiliate Program is a way for to be promoted by approved affiliates and for affiliates to earn commission on new memberships as well as receive perks on the site

How does the program work?

After EdgeHim’s marketing team approves an affiliate, the affiliate will be given a unique referral affiliate link. Once an affiliate refers a pro-membership sign-up, the affiliate will receive a monthly commission so long as the member they referred are a paying member on

What are the Terms and Conditions of's Affiliate Program?

The terms and conditions are emailed once an affiliate is approved, or upon request at

How do I make money?

With assistance from our affiliate software (, a monthly total of funds will be deposited into your bank account. This will be based off of all paid members you have referred to with your affiliate referral link. The affiliate will receive $2.00 per paid membership (per month) they refer, so long as that member maintains a paid membership on See the example below: An approved affiliate, through their link, refers 1,000 paid members that month will equal to $2,000.00. If that affiliate then refers 500 new members the following month, that affili- ate will receive an additional $1,000.00 for the new members and $2,000 for the past members. For every member that stays a paid user, this affiliate will continue to receive commissions.

How do I get paid?

Each month a total of your commissions will be sent from the account to your bank account.Will a W-9 be needed? If you are an approved affiliate in the United States, we require a W-9 before any payments are distributed. We ask that you supply your W-9 as soon as the affiliate process begins.

Other benefits of the affiliate program

Once approved, you also will get a free pro-membership to As a pro-member affiliate, you will receive perks to your profile such as the ability to list your social media content links in your profile for other members to see. (New features to be added in the future)

Who creates my affiliate link?

We use to track all affiliates. Once you are approved, you can create an affiliate link using this system. Each affiliate will receive their own dashboard to manage their links and view the commission earned each month.

How do I apply to become an affiliate?

In a short email send all social media links and brief bio on who you are to with the subject “Affiliate Inquiry.” We then will review your content and social media images to see you are the right fit. If you do not hear from us within a week, the answer is “no at this time.” The following criteria and statistics are looked at when reviewing to be an affiliate with

  1. 1. Affiliate's Base Location (County and City)
  2. 2. Affiliate's social media presence on Twitter, TikTok, Only Fans, and Instagram
  3. 3. Affiliate's original/self-created content
  4. they were created prior to July 3, 1995.